Learn to Count Card in Blackjack of Gambling Online

Blackjack is one of the popular card games in casino because players can use the strategy to win and they can win by counting the cards. Basically, counting the cards in real casino is not allowed. However, when you play on the online gambling, anything can happen. There are some advantages in Blackjack of gambling online you can get because this game combines skill and luck together with the perfect strategy to apply so you can win big.

Card Counting in Blackjack of Gambling Online

Card counting can be said as one of the largest misconceptions in gambling online. Many people especially those who own and operate casino say that card counting is illegal. However, basically it is not. This is the simply method as the form of the advantage, so it is legal. Card counting can’t give you the perfect answer for the outcome of the cards but it can predict the next. Card counting is legal because the players who want to do that must have time, math and patience so they can make money with the proper reference.

Why card counting is so effective to Blackjack? It is because blackjack might be the only game where the previous result or decision gives the influence about the future result. You must master some basic rules in counting the card so you will not make mistake. You have to know the methods along with the winning bet to spread. These are the ways to count the card you can apply in Blackjack game such as:

  • Assigning the value of card

The most common system in card counting is using hi-lo method. The card values are designed from the cards 2 to 6 and it gets plus one. Meanwhile, the cards from 7 to 9 are valued zero. The 10 to Ace will be given -1 and since the card will be dealt, you can add or subtract one point only. You can also do nothing if you find zero as the value for the cards give to you so you can assess the value total of the hands.

  • The count of running

Another way is you can add or maybe subtract the card you see in every shoe of the whole hands and it is called “running count”. The more cards dealt on the table, the running count will be updated based on the total value. If there is an increasing of running count, then it is the advantage will direct to the favor of player. If the running count is negative, the advantage is moving to the house.

Who says that card counting is not allowed because many people make money in Blackjack of gambling online using that method.

Know The Histories of 2 Popular European Games in Gambling Online

Casino is the gambling category full of history. It is because inside casino, you will find many traditional old games which have been popular until now. One game even has different varieties though the basic is still the same to play it. For example, poker. This dewapoker game has been here since Persians came and Texas Holdem is not the only popular type. There are Omaha, Stud, Draw and others which are being the good choices for players. Though the methods might be slightly different, people still use the same poker rank to play.

Other popular games in casino of gambling online along with their histories such as:

  • Blackjack

Basically, there is no concrete or exact evidence to know whether it was Romans who invented 21 or either French and Spanish. However, people know that 3 countries played this game using the same rules and the main object on the game was all similar. The Spanish called this game as “One and Thirty” because the purpose was to get 31 with 3 cards at least. Meanwhile, French called it “Vingt-et-Un or 21” and the last Romans had its own but they played the game using wooden blocks with numbers which were inscribed there. 21 was the game adopted most in many modern cultures such as North America and it becomes the Blackjack you know now in all casinos in the world including online version. It comes with several types with the same basic.

  • Baccarat

This game was on debate related to the origins but many thoughts agreed that this game have been derived along way to Italy since the term Baccarat means Zero based on Italian. It is said that this game has been invented by Italian person named Felix Falguierein in Middle Ages who as well played it using Tarot cards which were the cards used for prophecy. In 1490 AD, Baccarat was popular in France and it was called “Chemin de Fer”. Europe took and adopted it and it was when the European Baccarat was created. Today, this game comes in 2 popular versions and another one beside European is American Baccarat.

Other forms might be Mini Baccarat and online version in gambling online. Mini Baccarat is basically the same but served with lower limit of the bet so it can be played by all people with no high social class.