Night Treks

January 9 (6-7:30pm) “Campfire Under the Stars”

Join us for a chilly trek this January. Find out what the animals of the EHC forest do to survive during the long winter. A campfire stop on the hike will give you a chance to warm up on this cool, special night!

February 6 (6-7:30pm) “Love to Hike”

Do you love the outdoors, love to hike trails, and love to walk under the stars? If so, we would love for you to join us for a relaxing evening as we explore the wintertime forests of the EHC!

March 6 (6-7:30pm) “Searching For Green”

Join us for a discovery hike as we search the trails for all the awakening colors of the forest, telling us that winter is swiftly departing and making way for a green spring!

April 11 (7:30-9pm) “Whoo Flies in our Woods?”

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s an OWL! Come explore the forest and learn about a few of our local feathered friends that call the forest of the EHC their home.

May 8 (7:30-9pm) “Mothers in the Forest”

Ever wonder if animal mothers take care of their babies? Come trek with us between the green trees, through the blossoming springtime forest floors, and under the evening sky as we learn why forest mothers are so important.

June 5 (8-9:30pm) “Fireflies and Frogs”

Join us for a warm evening trek into the EHC forest and down to the stream in search of nocturnal animals that entertain us with their lights and sounds! Learn about the fireflies and frogs that call our forest their home.

July 10 (8-9:30pm) “Insects Everywhere!”

Do insects ‘bug’ you? If you wonder why all those buzzing, flying creepy crawlers exist then come to the EHC for a night trek to seek out their homes and learn how our forest plants and animals depend on them for survival!

August 1 (8-9:30pm) “Summer, Please Don’t Go!”

As Summer slowly draws to and end and kids are heading back to school, come join us for a relaxing, fun evening trek through the trails of the EHC and roast a marshmallow or two around a campfire, sharing warm weather memories!

September 25 (7:30-9pm) “McDaniel Farm Night Hike”

Come explore the colorful evening trails of the McDaniel Farm with us as we discover how the plants and animals in the forest are adapting to prepare for the upcoming seasonal changes.

November 21 (6-7:30pm) “Beaver Moon”

Join us for a chilly stroll through the woods and down to the stream to discover where our forest friend,the beaver, lives. Learn all about this furry, chewing friend and why his hard work in our woods makes him a Keystone Species!

December 11 (6-7:30pm) “Holiday Hike”

Bring the family out for a brisk evening trek along the trails at the EHC. Enjoy the quiet beauty of the forest, and discover a few plant and animals that enjoy a winter lifestyle!