2016 STEAM London

london-1One of the proudest achievements of the EHC STEAM Partnership Program is its annual Teacher Immersion Experience.  Teachers from partner schools have the opportunity each year to apply to spend some quality instructional development time experiencing STEAM in a real world application.  This learning experience is completely funded by the EHC Foundation.

In June of 2016, a team of 10 teachers was selected to participate in a cross-curricular study focused on STEAM and World War II.  Through a partnership with the Imperial War Museum in London, the teachers focused on the engineering skills needed and used for the Allied invasion of Normandy, the development of code breaking machines, the development of aerospace technology, math skills centered around flight manuals, and much more.

This experience empowered each teacher with new resources, lessons, and first-hand knowledge to share with their classes, as well as other educators, allowing area students to have a greater understanding of how World War II impacted life today.


The following are lessons developed by teachers as a result of their participation in this experience.