Water Rise

Explore Water Wise! Are you wise to your own water use? How much water do you think you, your friends and family will use today? How about everybody in Gwinnett County? You just might be surprised by the impact your daily water habits have on our water resources. Find out Read More

Water Ways

Visit Water Ways Get ready to step back in time as your journey takes you through the history of Gwinnett County! Why were our ancestors driven to live along riverbanks and other such bodies of water? Was it merely to survive, or did they view water as a way to Read More

Discover H2O

Get ready to play and learn in Discover H2O – the Center’s most interactive and kid-friendly exhibit! How well do you really understand water? Have you ever wondered where water comes from and where it goes after it goes down the drain? This exhibit provides highly interactive stations where you can follow Read More