2016 Camps

Summer camp registration OPENS for EHC Members on February 1, 2016.

Summer camp registration OPENS for the general public on February 15, 2016.

Detailed descriptions, camp dates, and pricing will be available online at www.gwinnettEHC.org on January 25, 2016.

EHC Liability Form
Summer Camp Parent Handbook
Treetop Quest Liability Form

2016 Summer Camp sessions include:

Little Saplings (2-3)
Puddle Jumpers (4)
Walk, Wiggle, Weave (4)
Young Scientist (4)
Creatures that Creep, Crawl and Slither (5-6)
Explore Georgia(5-6)
Forest Explorers (5-6)
Garden Earth Naturalist (5-6)
Magical Forest (5-6)
The Wonderful World Of Beatrix Potter Theater Camp (5-6)
Time Travelers (5-6)
Water Wonders (5-6)
American Girl: Exploring the Past With Dolls (7-9)
Archaeology Ancient World (7-9)
Civil War Camp: Exploring Living History (7-9)
Crafts and Critters (7-9)
The Jungle Book: Stories of Rudyard Kipling Theater Camp (7-9)
Cream of the Crop Farm Camp (7-9)
Georgia’s Native People (7-9)
Herpetofauna, Entomology, Arachnology…Oh my! (7-9)
Journey Around the Natural Wolrd  (7-9)
LEGO: Build It Green (7-9)
Prehistoric Georgia (7-9)
Renaissance Camp  (7-9)
Science in the Forest(7-9)
Wild Georgia (7-9)
Art in the Environment(10-13)
Camper Vs. Wild (10-13)
Celts and Vikings (10-13)
Down the Rabbit Hole: Journey into the Forest Theater Camp(10-13)
History Explorers (10-13)
LEGO Bridge (10-13)
LEGO Medieval Machanics (10-13)
LEGO Voyager (10-13)
Advance Military History Camp (10-13)
Orchestra Camp (10-13)
Wildlife Forensics (10-13)
Winning the War (10-13)


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