K12 Second Grade

All GEHC programs are aligned with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and the Gwinnett County Academic Knowledge and Skills Curriculum (AKS). The programs also support the Georgia Career Clusters Pathways, particularly Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Energy; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), and may help a school in its efforts to obtain STEM/STEAM certification.

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Exploring Environmental Changes

Students investigate their role in the protection of aquatic ecosystems and the impact of air, land, and water pollution on the environment. Students view the Blue Planet show, demonstrating the importance of clean water in our world. They discover the necessity of community involvement in protecting ecosystems through an interactive forest and river clean-up simulation!

Diversity Of Life

Students investigate life cycles and the diversity of life through the honeybee, an important pollinator that supports agricultural and natural systems. Through exploration centers, learning activities, and a guided walk in the forest, students discover the benefits this insect has for their world and how environmental changes impact the honeybee’s life cycle.

Georgia’s Native People

Discover the heritage of the Cherokee and Creek people through an understanding of how they adapted to and were influenced by their environment. Compare and contrast their way of life to today. Explore the science behind the Three Sisters Garden. Understand the contributions of Sequoyah and learn how he used available tools and technology to print the first Native American newspaper. Similar to the Creek and Cherokee, students make their own cornhusk doll using local and natural resources.

Museum Quest

Discover the many history and science concepts explored throughout the GEHC museum.

Forest Quest

Explore the OUTSIDE world in its natural setting.

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