K12 Special Exhibits



September 16, 2017 – January 3, 2018
Spark your students’ curiosity for science and technology with Electricity. Electricity is a multi-sensory, hands-on exhibit focusing on concepts such as static electricity and live current, motors, battery technology, attraction and repulsion, magnetic fields and many other fundamental principles of electricity. Visitors safely explore these themes through nineteen interactive stations where rings dance above the Jumping Ring, magnets float in the air, electric volts pass through a Jacob’s Ladder, and telegraphs send secret messages in Morse code. Join the ranks of Benjamin Franklin and discover the science behind currents, volts, magnets, and more with Electricity.

This exhibit was developed by The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is sponsored locally by the GEHC Foundation.



Sustainable Shelter Logo2

February 3, 2018 – April 29, 2018
The need for shelter is a basic; universally shared by both humans and animals. What lessons can we learn from animals like termites, birds, and bees when we examine the amazing diversity of their homes? Sustainable Shelter: Dwelling within the Forces of Nature compares how animals and humans use natural resources and their environment to build their homes. Visitors experience hands-on interactives, visuals, and games guiding them through the function of shelters and how humans impact our environment with our building needs. From creating a model of a sustainable home to a seven-foot tall termite mound replica, visitors of all ages learn from nature how we can make our dwellings more sustainable for our earth’s natural systems.

This exhibit was developed by the James Ford Bell Museum of Natural History and University of Minnesota and is sponsored locally by the GEHC Foundation.