EHC Bridal Expo Featured Exhibitor

1. How long have you been in the wedding/hospitality industry?
Mike: Since 2003

2. Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the area?
Mike: I am originally from South Carolina but have been in the Atlanta area since 1989.

3. What are your favorite sports teams?
Mike: I don’t put a lot of emphasis on sports, but being from South Carolina, I would have to say the Gamecocks are my favorite college sports team.  I’m used to disappointing seasons – maybe that is why I don’t put a lot of emphasis on sports.

4. What motivated you to start this business?
Mike: Videography and photography have been my hobby for many years.  When my son was in high school, he became interested in producing short videos.  His interest was enough to motivate me to start a family videography business.   Several years later we decided to add photography to our portfolio.  We now offer full videography and photography services as well as a Photo Booth.

5. What 2017 trends have you most excited?
Mike:  About 10 years ago, we began offering a “prequel” as an option to our video packages. The prequel is a 30-45 second “first play” on the DVD, much like the trailer of a movie.  In an article on 2017 wedding trends, Bridal Guide says that “Instagram video edits are an increasingly popular package option….. These 60 to 90 second films have the look and feel of a cinematic trailer and are wonderful representations of the day.”  Looks like we were about a decade ahead of social media, but we’re excited that our prequel can be conformed to meet the social media craze.

6. How are you different from your competitors?
Mike: We are a 100% family business.  The business was initially started with my wife, my son and me being the videographers/photographers and editors.  I jokingly tell people that I wouldn’t  let my daughter date anyone who wasn’t a photographer.  Of course that’s not true, but she did marry a photographer who is now an integral part of our business.  Our daughter now assists with our photo booth and we’ve incorporated other family members in the business on occasion.  Over the years I’ve received calls and resumes from people looking for job opportunities, but we have deliberately kept our business small and within the family.  We want our client’s experience to be one of dealing with friends and family rather than dealing with a corporation.

7. What one thing makes you stand out from your competitors?
Mike: Our wedding business is not our primary source of income.  Because of that, we don’t have the overhead that many, or most, of our competitors have and our prices reflect that.  Our desire is to provide a quality product at a very moderate price.  A visitor at a recent bridal show said to us, “your prices are at the low end, but your quality certainly isn’t.”  That about sums up our goal.

8. Please share a success story
Mike: People define success in various ways.  I define it on a person by person basis.  When the sister of one of our brides contracted us for her wedding and told us that she watched the video of her sister’s wedding numerous times in planning her own – I considered that a success.  We were asked to video a funeral (sorry to be morbid) because the mother of the deceased was in a nursing home in another state and could not attend.  I accepted the “job” reluctantly.  The mother called later and expressed her gratitude for us helping her bring closure to her grieving process – that was a success to me.  We had a groom who became seriously ill before the wedding, to the point that it was questionable whether or not he would survive.  With the unexpected medical bills, the couple called to cancel their contract for our Photo Booth.  We provided it anyway with no expectations of being compensated – that was a success to me.  As far as formal professional success, we received the “Best of Atlanta Bridal Award” as videographer in 2014 and 2015.

9. Why did you choose to participate in the Environmental and Heritage Center Bridal Expo?
Mike:  I’ve had an opportunity to work a couple of weddings at the GEHC and we have one on the calendar for 2017.  It is a beautiful venue and is convenient to us geographically.  We would love the opportunity to work more weddings at the GEHC.

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