EHC Bridal Expo Featured Exhibitor





1. How long have you been in the wedding/hospitality industry?

    Jadana: I planned and worked my very first event in 1991 where I FELL IN LOVE with the event industry. I started working in the hospitality industry in 2000, when I worked overseas in Okinawa Japan for the Food, Beverage & Entertainment Services or (Hospitality Division) for the military.  We served the military members and their families through the military clubs by providing entertainment & food Services for their enjoyment while they served their country and were away from their families in the United States. I then became a Catering Director for a few years and started working with brides & grooms in 2003, and have enjoyed every moment of it since!

2. Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in the area?

    Jadana: I am originally from the Bronx, New York, and I have been around the world and back.  My family and I relocated here to our Forever Home back in 2015 and we are LOVING Georgia.

3. Tell us about your family.

    Jadana: My Husband and I met in 8th Grade and have been married 18 years.  We have two beautiful children, pre-teens who think they know everything, but still want to be with their parents.

4. What are your favorite sports teams?

    Jadana: I haven’t watched sports in YEARS to be honest with you, but if I HAD to choose, it would be the NY Yankees and the old Chicago Bulls Team.

5. Do you have special interests or hobbies outside of work?

    Jadana: I always seem to be WORKING because when I am strolling the mall, I am looking at design elements for inspiration no matter where I am.  I would have to say my special interest outside of work is going to the movie theatre and watching all the latest movies.  I especially love the trailers!

6. What motivated you to start this business?

    Jadana: I started my business in 2005 when I saw that brides had tons of questions and no idea on where to begin or how to do certain things.  I was already offering them food & beverage input for those that had no idea what a crudité was or how much food should be ordered for 150 guests.  I felt a strong desire to want to reach out and assist these brides on their wedding day.

7. How many years have you been in this business?

    Jadana: I have been in this business for 14 years.

8. What 2017 trends have you most excited?

    Jadana: The biggest trend that I am MOST excited about is being able to bring the outdoors in since Pantone announced greenery as the color of the year. I want to use more succulents in centerpieces vs. lots of full floral.

9. How are you different from your competitors?

    Jadana: It took me some time to really figure out what set me apart from other planners that I had come in contact with over the years, and I have learned that what sets me apart is my ability to get into the event, get down and get dirty.  I am not your “clipboard” kind of planner that just stands and points and requires others to do for them.

10. What one thing makes you stand out from your competitors?

    Jadana: I learned over the years of working around the world that no matter what type of event or the cultural background you come from, it is SUPER important to LISTEN to the client.  I TRULY enjoy listening to them tell me their vision, and I offer some ways to add enhancements to their vision while still maintaining their vision and most of all NOT BREAKING THE BANK!

11. Please share a success story.

    Jadana: I remember when I was a Catering Director, there was a couple who had been dealing with several different venues during their location scouting and they were very upset with the way they were being treated by the sales staff at various venues because the couple was asking for things that they felt were reasonable requests, but the venues thought they were a bit obsessive.  So by the time they reached me, they were pretty vocal and adamant about what they wanted.  I took my time to LISTEN to their concerns, REALLY CONSIDERED if their requests were doable, and THEN offered them my solutions & suggestions.  Not only did they BOOK my venue, but they gave me a GREAT review online as well!

12. Why did you choose to participate in the Environmental and Heritage Center Bridal Expo?

    Jadana: I chose to participate in the Environmental Heritage Center Bridal Expo because I really wanted to get to know, see, and understand the clientele that is attracted to this lovely venue. Many brides usually opt for those glitzy, blinged out venues that scream super over the top, and to me this venue is very earthy, serene and calm.   I recently had a client of mine host their goth wedding here in October of 2016, and I really enjoyed the process of working with the venue. The venue alone has so much potential for creating the day of your dreams, especially for those couples who wish to have fall weddings and take outdoor photos.  The greenery is GORGEOUS here in the fall!