Toddler Trek February 28

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This interactive outdoor program is designed to give toddlers (18 months - 3 years of age) an opportunity to spend some time enjoying and experiencing Nature.   Your child will begin to learn the names of local animals and plants, sing songs that awaken their senses and enjoy being outside. Each session will include a short discovery walk and is geared toward the young child and their parents.   Please dress accordingly to the weather.  You may also bring a picnic lunch to enjoy on the grounds at the conclusion of the program. This program requires an adult to join in the activities with their child. (One adult free with each paid child)

This program requires a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 15.

Age: 18 months - 3 years of age
Program fee $10
EHC member fee $8
Time: 10:30-11:30am

Pre-registration required.


February 28    Toddler Trek – Rascally Raccoons

They’re called the Bandits of the forest, and are found abundantly in Georgia. Who are these masked forest friends and what are they doing in the cover of night? Join us at The EHC as we learn all about raccoons.


March 14        Toddler Trek – Whitetails in the Forest

Creatures of field and forest, white-tailed deer are found abundantly in Georgia.  We’ll learn about some of their common characteristics, eating habits, and survival skills.


March 28        Toddler Trek – Who Lives in a Tree?

Trees are more than just shade in the summer.  Many forest friends call them home. We’ll take a closer look at native trees and learn who lives among their branches.


April 11           Toddler Trek – Rambunctious Rabbits

We know that they’re Cuddly and cute but how do rabbits spend their day and where can they be found.  Spend some time at the EHC exploring the secret lives of Georgia’s rabbits.


April 25           Toddler Trek – Berries, Bears and Breakfast

Shy, quiet, cute and cuddly - black bears are considered the largest native mammal currently living in Georgia. Let’s spend some time learning about these fascinating creatures of Georgia.


May 9              Toddler Trek – One Frog, Two Frogs, Three Frogs, Four

Swimming, hopping, singing and sunning – the life of a frog must be grand.  Let’s learn about some of Georgia’s frogs and find out how they spend their day.


May 23            Toddler Trek – Turtle Tales

Meet Bubba and the other turtle friends who live in the EHC pond.  Bubba and her friends will share with us some of their favorite foods, activities, stories and songs.


Summer Camp Break



August 8         Toddler Trek – Mud Pie Magic

Oooey, gooey, wet and slimy – mud is fun to play in and an important part of our local ecosystem. Let’s get dirty and learn some fun mud facts!


August 22       Toddler Trek –Sniffing for Skunks

Skunks are legendary for their powerful smelling spray but there’s more to know about skunks than their unique appearance and smell. Spend some time at The EHC exploring skunks and their natural habitat.


September 5               Toddler Trek – Friends of the Sky (birds)

What would life be like if you could soar in the air or you lived in a tree? Come and explore the lives of some of Georgia’s most common feathered friends.


September 19             Toddler Trek – Fishy Business

Have you ever wondered who lives in a stream?  Local Streams are home to many different species and here at the EHC we have several streams filled with life.  We’ll go on an adventure to discover some of the creatures that live in our streams.


October 3                   Toddler Trek – Bugs and other Ugs

Big Bugs, Little Bugs, Fast Bugs, Slow Bugs – We all love bugs!  Let’s hike in the EHC forest and look for some insect friends in their natural habit.


October 17                 Toddler Trek – Owl Prowl

They fly silently through the forest in search of food. We hear them in the night but rarely see them. Who, Who wants to spend some time learning about the owls of Georgia?


November 7                Toddler Trek – Scampering with Squirrels

Running, jumping, climbing and digging – these furry friends are very busy in the EHC forest this time of year.  We’ll explore their habitat, homes and favorite foods and as we look for signs of squirrels.







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