Food Service Authorization & Indemnification for Bridal Expo

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Exhibitor is hereby authorized to serve food and beverage at the designated rental area(s) as follows:

  1. Food is to be served by Exhibitor and/or his/her Designee
  2. Exhibitor is responsible for all set up, break down, and cleanup as stated previously. All waste must be disposed of in receptacles provided by Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC). Recyclable items must be placed in provided containers for plastic, glass, and aluminum. All food preparation must take place in the catering kitchen. Please note this is not a full kitchen but a prep kitchen. Due to the GEHC being a LEED Green Certified Facility please try to be as green as possible and use eco-friendly material to serve food and drinks.
  3. Relationship between the parties:  Exhibitor shall be considered an independent contractor and/or exhibitor’s agents, employees or other representatives shall not be considered as having an employee status with Gwinnett County or as being entitled to participate in any medical, workers compensation, or other plans or arrangements of Gwinnett County.  Exhibitor and/or his/her Designee are responsible for providing any/all insurance and licenses for the event if deemed necessary.
  4. Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless Gwinnett County, GEHC Foundation, its agents, employees, trustees, and public officials from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and liabilities whatsoever their nature, cause of origin, and whether or not attributed to the negligence of Exhibitor, its agents, contractors or employees or to the use or occupancy of the Rental Locations or any other portion of GEHC by its agents, employees and invitee.
  5. All suspected damage will be assessed by the GEHC management at the end of the event or the next business day that would require a skilled trade assessment if necessary.  Exhibitor will be notified if there is any damage.
  6. Serving alcoholic beverages by exhibitors is only permitted with prior approval from GEHC Management.