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Southeastern Native Plants: An Artistic Walk Through The Seasons

June 5 – August 19

Journey through the seasons this summer as the GEHC celebrates the bounty of nature with the creative talents of Atlanta-based botanical artist, Linda Fraser. This exhibit will focus on how our native plants, and their insects and critters, evolve over the calendar year. Visitors will be entranced as they move through the seasons of the year where colorful insects scuttle by, delicate Pink Lady’s slippers emerge, Ironweed stretches towards the sun, and dragonflies swoop to catch a meal.

About the Artist

LindaFraserLinda Fraser invokes the senses by specializing in native plants of Georgia and the southeast, creating over 100 watercolor and pencil paintings of these quiet “moments in the garden.” Linda’s work has displayed with the Southeastern Flower Show, Atlanta, Georgia (2009), at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Georgia, (2005, 2006, and 2009), and at The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, Athens, Georgia (2005 and 2010). Linda and her personal garden were featured on the Georgia Public Broadcasting Earth Day special, Your World, Your Choice and Bird Watch in Georgia.

Linda is also the creator for the artwork for the Georgia Native Plant Society logo and frequently leads programs on using native plants in landscaping.