Daycare Programs


These programs are perfect for kids ages 4-12! All programs are two (2) hours in length and can be scheduled Monday through Sunday, unless otherwise indicated, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Prices:  $8 (Ages 13+) $6 (Ages 3-12)

NEW! Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt:

This exciting pirate adventure will have young visitors following clues along the EHC trails that will lead them to one of Blackbeard’s undiscovered Treasures!  Your young pirates will follow compass bearings, discover local flora and fauna, and gain exciting pirate history. Participants will also create a pirate medallion and participate in a Pirate Gold Rush activity.

Forest and Stream Fun:

Explore the GEHC forest on a scavenger hunt and learn all about the animals that live in the trees and crawl on the forest floor. Then take a walk in our stream for some wonderful, wet fun!

Brilliant Butterflies and Phenomenal Pollination:

Did you know more than 160 kinds of butterflies have been found in Georgia? Fly with us as we learn about our most beautiful of pollinators – butterflies. We will discover the crucial and amazing process of pollination and learn what you can do to help pollinators in your own backyard. Join us in this daycare program to explore the diversity of butterflies, play games, and make butterfly crafts.

Georgia Animals in my Backyard:

No matter where you live, there are an abundance of critters that crawl on the ground, bound through the trees, and timidly emerge when night falls. Join us to learn about squirrels, hawks, owls, opossums, deer, and other animals that you could find right in your own backyard. We will play games to learn about the interconnectedness of species in a food web and habitat needs, and also make a fun craft. A special, live animal guest will also join us in this wonderful daycare program!

Wacky Weather Science:

How do tornadoes and hurricanes form?  Snow in the summertime?  Is sunblock really important? These and other weather questions will be answered through fun experiments and crafts. Choose two of these areas to explore with your group – Sunny Day, Snowy Day, Windy Day, Rainy Day, and Lightening. Join us for this exciting program that lets kids be meteorologists for a day! Includes weather related experiments and crafts, Discovery Dome movie, H2O room, short hike, Blue Planet movie (optional).

Up in Space:

Most every kid wants to be an Astronaut at some point during their childhood. During the ‘Up in Space’ daycare program, we will give children a taste of space! Children will learn all about an Astronaut’s training in our Discovery Dome Theater.  They then will learn some basics of space with an interactive solar system demonstration and Oreo cookie moon phases.  A fun rocket craft will get kids blasting off for fun.

Dancing Dragonflies:

Clocking speeds of 36 miles per hour, dragonflies are pretty fast for a group of insects that are 300 million years old. Be a part of the dragonfly delight as we literally look through the eyes of a dragonfly, craft our own, and see if we could survive a day in the life of a dragonfly.

Turtle Tales:

Are those hard-shelled cuties your favorite of the reptile family? Then the Turtle Tales program won’t slow you down! Learn about Georgia’s most interesting turtles, make a turtle craft, then take a hike to visit the habitat of some of our local turtles. And don’t forget a visit with Bubba our resident Red-eared Slider!

Weird Science:

What makes things bubble, ooze, bounce and bang? Put on your lab coats and be a scientist for a day! This interactive adventure includes HANDS ON science experiments that will amaze children of all ages.


These programs are perfect for kids ages 4-12! All programs are two (2) hours in length and can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday, unless otherwise indicated, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Prices:  $8 (Ages 13+) $6 (Ages 3-12)

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Learn about different farm animals and their role on a farm. Make homemade ice cream, which you will then get to taste while making a fun farm animal craft.


Discover and learn about the trees, plants, vegetables, and herbs that call McDaniel Farm home! Take a nature hike, do some gardening, and make a special craft using plants and herbs.


Come meet your favorite beetle, the lady beetle (also fondly known as the ladybug). Explore their world with crafts, meet live Lady Beetles, and release a few to help protect McDaniel Farm gardens from pests.


Enjoy a tour of the McDaniel Farm property and imagine what life was like as a kid growing up on a farm. Spend time playing games and participate in the daily chores and activities on a farm.  Don’t forget to bring your muscles and your patience!


Price: $8 (Ages 13+) $6 (Ages 4 – 12)


Forward March! Step back in time as you explore the Civil War at the Yellow River Post Office historic site. Participate in mock drills and write letters using a quill pen as you experience the daily life of a soldier.