Daycare Programs


These programs are perfect for kids ages 4-12! All programs are two (2) hours in length and can be scheduled Monday through Sunday, unless otherwise indicated, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Prices: $8 per person

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NEW! Home Tweet Home:

Birds are everywhere!  Whether you’re glancing out a window, taking a walk at the park or looking up at the sky, birds are often the most readily observable wildlife. Spend some time at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center learning about their adaptations, how to identify them and their importance in our ecosystem. This adventure will include a bird identification hike, an interactive game and owl pellet dissections.

NEW! Bugging Out:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work as an entomologist?  Discover the differences between insects, arachnids and crustaceans as we explore the forest of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.  This buggy adventure will include hunting for insects on a guided nature walk, investigating a pill bug’s life cycle and creating a take home insect craft.

Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt:

This exciting pirate adventure will have young visitors following clues along the GEHC trails that will lead them to one of Blackbeard’s undiscovered treasures!  Your young pirates will follow compass bearings, discover local flora and fauna, and gain exciting pirate history. Participants will also create a pirate medallion and participate in a pirate gold rush activity.

Georgia Animals in my Backyard:

Do you know who scurries through your yard at night? Discover some of Georgia’s most common backyard visitors in this fun interactive program. This animal adventure will include a guided nature walk, an animal investigation, and discussions of animal adaptations utilizing the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center’s animal pelt collection.

Weird Science:

What makes things bubble, ooze, bounce and bang? Experience life as a scientist for a day! This interactive adventure includes HANDS ON science experiments that will amaze children of all ages.

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Scheduling Information

• Reservations are required
• A minimum of 10 participants is required
• Late arrival may reduce program time

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