GEHC Sample Room Layouts

Downloadable Sample Layouts

Designing your layout can be challenging, but remember you want your guests to mingle, have conversations, and have fun. Below are some tips to keep in mind when planning your layout:

Tables: The type of table used depends on the room(s) you have rented and your headcount. Tables should also work well with the shape of the room. Placing too many guests at a single table can be uncomfortable for your guests.


Table Size
Floor Length
Lap Length
6 ft
30” x 72”
90” x 132”
54” x 120”
54” x 54”
60” Round
120” Round
90” or 96” Round
72” x 72”
42” Round
108” Round
72” x 72”
Highboy Cocktail
132” Round

Visibility: Key spaces for reception events (i.e. entrance, first dance, cake cutting, toasts) need to be clearly visible from all points of the room.

Walkway: Make sure guests have enough room to walk between tables and allow an easy flow to restrooms, buffets, beverage stations, and dance floor. We recommend having at least 2 feet between the back of chairs to avoid guest’s chairs being bumped and a minimum of 4-6 feet wide buffet walkway.

Couples: Guests who attend the wedding as a couple should be seated together— this includes members of the bridal party. Guests should also be seated with individuals they will be comfortable with (i.e. similar ages, hobbies, interests, careers etc.).

Ease of Finding the Table: Create a way for guests to easily find their seats. Placecards are popular or create a table diagram and place it at the entrance of the room.

Table Decoration: Centerpieces and décor should not interfere with conversation or restrict guest’s personal space.

Vendor Tables: Often event organizers select the Main Exhibit Hall, Dining Room or along the perimeter of Blue Planet for vendor tables. We recommend providing at least 2 feet between each vendor table and plan for attendee walkway to start about 7 feet from any wall. Also be sure to communicate GEHC’s policies and procedures when it comes to displaying items on the walls.