Wedding Rental FAQ

Who do I speak with about booking my event or having a site tour?

All events need to be booked with Lisa Howell, the Event Coordinator. or 678.765.4664

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What time of day is best for outdoor weddings?

If you’re planning to wed outdoors, mid-morning and late afternoon (close to sunset) are ideal times to hold your ceremony. If you schedule your ceremony at midday, the sun will be at its peak, making it hotter, and possibly uncomfortable, for your guests (and you). Also consider where you want to stand during the ceremony and where the sun will be at that point in the day. You want to look straight into your groom’s eyes while you say your vows, not squint at him. You also don’t want to blind your guests. The GEHC Events Department can let you know which direction the sun sets at any ceremony location you are interested in.

What is included in the ceremony fee?

As part of your ceremony fee, you will receive the following: the ceremony site, set-up and breakdown of GEHC rented tables and chairs, two classrooms (one for the bride and one for the groom), complimentary parking, one hour of rehearsal time one-two days before your wedding during normal operating hours (date & time based on events schedule), and a layout meeting with the Event Coordinator. If you also have your reception at the GEHC, then you will be entitled to set-up and break-down of the tables and chairs, and access to the catering kitchen, which includes an ice machine, refrigerator, freezer and microwave.

What is your alcohol policy and can an officer be a guest at my event?

Alcohol can be served in the Center with the following stipulations: Security Officer(s) are required at any rental event where alcohol will be consumed. An officer(s) is required to be here from first pour to the end of your contracted time; the officer(s) must be in uniform and not partake in the alcohol, and the officer cannot be a guest of the event. If you have fewer than 150 guests, one officer is required. If your have between 150 – 200 guests, two officers are required, and a minimum of three officers are required if you have 300 or more guests. All alcohol should be served in accordance with the County and State Alcohol Ordinance. No alcohol can be served until the officer(s) are on premise.

Can the GEHC handle my decorations?

Please speak with Lisa Howell, the GEHC Event Coordinator.

Is there electricity, speakers, or lights at your outdoor ceremony sites?

The Bridge has electrical outlets, but no speakers or lights – but you can add-on the EHC portable speakers to your ceremony package. The EHC Foundation charges $150 for the piano if renter provides a person to play, $275 if we hook up the IQ IPod player system. If the renter requires the piano be moved into Blue Planet an additional fee of at least $200 will be charged.

What decorations are allowed?

Balloons may be used when attached to weights; no loose or free floating balloons are allowed. Candles used for decorating must be contained in hurricane globes or votive holders; the bottom line is no exposed flames. Due to safety concerns, stains, and environmental concerns, the throwing of birdseed, rice, flowers, petals, confetti, or use of sparklers is not allowed inside (silk flowers petals are allowed inside if they are picked up after the event). Bubbles are allowed outside. The GEHC has the right to refuse layouts and decorations that could affect our daily business operations.

How much time do I have for my rehearsal and when is it usually scheduled?

You will have one hour at your ceremony site one-two days before your wedding to walk through everything. The GEHC Events Department will schedule this for you.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to change from an outdoor to an indoor ceremony site due to inclement weather?

You must contact the GEHC Events Department no later than three days in advance to switch to an alternate site. Only one ceremony site will be set-up. Talk to the EHC Events Department as you plan your wedding if you have concerns about the weather.  Additional fees will apply if you choose to change the location less than three days before your wedding.

Does the EHC provide linens?

We do not provide linens as part of your rental; the GEHC does provide set-up and break-down of tables and chairs, access to our AV system, and a prep catering kitchen.

What if I would like to add additional time the day of wedding?

Not a problem. Please let the Rental Attendant know and he/she will charge you $150 per additional hour. The added charges will come out of your security and damage deposit.

What is your catering policy?

You are welcome to use any caterer you like, and we can provide you with a resource guide if you are interested.

Can I store items at the Center the day before?

Yes, size and availability permitting. GEHC is not responsible for any lost or damaged items stored. Storage of any and all items must be approved in advance by the GEHC Events Department.  Additional fees may apply.

Are there hotels nearby for out of town guests?

Yes, the GEHC is minutes from I-985 and I-85. Please check our Resource Guide for some great hotel options.

Will GEHC be decorated for the different seasons?

During Spring and Summer months the GEHC could be decorated with seasonal decorations.  Fall, mid-October, November and December, the GEHC will decorate for the “Holiday Seasons”.  Decorations can be moved and reinstalled at renter’s expense.

How many cars will the parking lot hold?

There are 127 parking spaces in our Main Lot; if you need additional spaces, please speak to our Events Coordinator about using our Event Parking Lot.

*Parking Policy: Based on event type and GEHC discretion events with more than 200 guests will need to purchase our directional parking service for $150, which includes GEHC staff directing parking to optimize space and best accommodate all of your guests.

Does the GEHC host more than one event a day?

It depends on the event, but yes it is possible there could be more than one rental on any given day.

How many bathrooms are at the GEHC and where are they located?

We have men’s, women’s, and a family bathroom on the main level near The Blue Planet Theater, and we have two additional sets of bathrooms on the first floor where the classrooms and Conference Room is located.

What types of payment options are available?

We accept cash, check, debit cards, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.

How far in advance do I have to book my wedding/reception?

The GEHC has over 300 rentals/events a year. As soon as you know which date you would like to reserve for your event, it is a great idea to go ahead and sign a contract to reserve the date.

Are there any charges if I run over my rental time?

Yes, you will be charged $150 for every hour you go over your contracted time. These charges will come out of your security and damage deposit.

What if there is damage to the facility during my rental?

The renter shall be liable for all damages occurred during the contracted time and this will be subtracted from your security and damage deposit. If the damage costs more than that amount, then the renter will be billed for damages.

What is the latest my rental can end?

All rentals are scheduled to end by 11:00pm, however, if you are interested in adding additional time to your rental that is not a problem. The cost is $150 per hour, and you can add as many hours as you would like.

How many guests can sit at each table?

We recommend no more than eight people at a sixty inch round table and four people at a forty-two inch round table.

Can the GEHC hold a date without a deposit?

No, the GEHC cannot officially reserve a date without a signed contract, the full Security Deposit, and 50% of the total rental fee.

What is the cancellation policy?

(a) Received in writing within 365 days or more of the contracted event
100% Paid Rental Fee
100% Security and Damage Deposit minus:
$25 Non-refundable Processing Fee
$50 Cancellation Fee

(b) Received in writing 270 – 364 days prior to the contracted event
75% Paid Rental Fee
100% Security and Damage Deposit minus:
$25 Non-refundable Processing Fee
$50 Cancellation Fee

(c) Received in writing 180 – 269 days prior to the contracted event
50% Paid Rental Fee
75% Security and Damage Deposit minus:
$25 Non-refundable Processing Fee
$50 Cancellation Fee

(d) Received in writing 91 – 179 days prior to the contracted event
25% Paid Rental Fee
50% Security and Damage Deposit minus:
$25 Non-refundable Processing Fee
$50 Cancellation Fee

(e) Received in writing 31 – 90 days prior to the contracted event
10% Paid Rental Fee
25% Security and Damage Deposit minus:
$25 Non-refundable Processing Fee
$50 Cancellation Fee

(f) Received in writing 0 – 30 days prior to the contracted event
Forfeit All Fees Paid

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