Terms of Agreement

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC) will forbid the installation of any exhibit/booth not approved. Exhibitors shall distribute printed material, souvenirs, or other articles only within their rented space.  Throwing of souvenirs, loud shouting and the making of any unnecessary noises, whether by human or mechanical means, to attract attention will not be permitted. Food, beverage or novelty items either sold or given away must be approved by the GEHC.  All aisle space belongs to the GEHC; no exhibits or advertising matter will be allowed to extend beyond the space.

 Exhibit/booth must be ready for the opening of the event.  The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center will not permit any moving of exhibit/booth after the opening of the event.  Exhibit/booth must remain intact until after closing of the event.

No nails or tacks can be driven into walls.  Command strips and painter’s tape are permitted to hang banners from the wall.  Exhibitor’s decorations may not obstruct other displays or project into aisles.  All displays must be self-supporting.

No exhibitor/booth shall have the right prior to the closing of the event to pack up or remove articles on exhibit/booth without permission and approval in writing.  This rule does not apply to small articles which make up cash sales.  The exhibitor shall provide the purchaser with a sales slip or property pass (with firm name printed thereon) and give a description of the articles sold, to be surrendered on leaving the building.  All exhibits/booths must be removed from the building promptly after the close of the event.

Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless Gwinnett County and the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center Foundation, their agents, employees, trustees, and public officials from and against any and all claims, damages, losses and liabilities whatsoever their nature, cause of origin, and whether or not attributed to the negligence of exhibitor, its agents, contractors or employees or to the use or occupancy of the rental locations or any other portion of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center by exhibitor, its agents, employees and invitee.

Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that exhibitor is encouraged to examine and inspect the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center to assess its condition, suitability and fitness for exhibitor’s permitted use.  Accordingly, exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that GWINNETT COUNTY AND THE GWINNETT ENVIRONMENTAL AND HERITAGE CENTER FOUNDATION MAKE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND OR NATURE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY EXPRESS OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF SUITABILITY OF FITNESS OF THE GWINNETT ENVIRONMENTAL AND HERITAGE CENTER FOR ANY PARTICULAR USE, PURPOSE, OR FUNCTION.  The right to use the rental area(s) granted herby is expressly granted on an “AS-IS’ and “WHERE-IS” basis only.  Exhibitor further acknowledges that the relationship between parties is not that between the “landlord and tenant” as contemplated under Georgia law.

The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center shall have full power to interpret and/or amend these rules and regulations which in its discretion shall be in the best interest of the event.  The decision of the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center must be accepted as final in any dispute with exhibitor or any situation not covered by these rules and regulations.

Please see additional Rules and Regulations that are also hereby a part of the “Terms of Agreement – Rules and Regulations – Exhibitor’s Information.”